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Used to be on LJ, moved to GJ, then to IJ, and now I'm here.

I post fiction here sometimes, and the occasional random "creative" endeavor, like goofy art scribbles or manips or vids or icons or whatever. Feel free to share/remix anything you like [all original content (cc)by-nc unless otherwise noted]. Archive it, translate it, make a pre/sequel, go ahead and totally make it awesomer (you know you want to -- it's not that hard to do); whatever, go crazy! I don't need asking; just be sure to mention me somewhere and we'll be golden.

I don't anticipate there being much in the way of personal entries here (I'm currently using twitter for my deep thoughts du jour and spastic flailing), so don't fret if I don't grant you access -- I'm not making locked posts and you're not missing out, honest. This is my primary reading journal, though, so go ahead and grant me if you've a hankering to.
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