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Twinkle Toes
Stargate Atlantis
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June 2009

Let me just say that there are people who do this whole making wallpapers thing very well, and I am not one of them.

But I made this one for myself today, and I like it. Since dreamwidth is a bit like my virtual refrigerator (which actually does currently sport my drawing of teamShep tacked on with magnets), I say to hell with being awesome! Average is a-okay. Look at my new desktop! It is really fucking pink. Whee.

p r e v i e w

text says: "twinkle toes
you know you must hang on, girl.
hang on tight, don't let your feelings show."

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Lyrics are from the Roy Orbison song "Twinkle Toes" [download link], the portion of the lyrics being most relevant is:

I know you're trying
To hide your broken heart;
You act so gay.
Yeah,behind the smile,
I know you're crying.
Your big great lonely eyes
Give you away.
Hey, hey,hey.
Hey, hey ,hey.

Twinkle Toes,
You know you must hang on, girl.
Hang on tight;
Don't let your feelings show.
Twinkle Toes,
You know you must dance on,girl.
If you work it right,
They'll never know.